Protocol Education: Your School Workforce Partner

How Protocol Education can help you navigate a changing recruitment landscape

Assessing Your Changing Workforce Needs

The pandemic has reshaped education, how it is delivered, and how it is funded. As we exit the pandemic, schools face a situation where experienced teaching staff plan to leave the workforce while the number of new entrants to the profession is dropping. Add to this the increased need to provide tuition to meet all your pupils' needs and flexibly cover for teaching staff as they deliver this extra support. The picture soon becomes complicated.

Protocol Education can help your school build a flexible, resilient workforce capable of meeting all its challenges and excelling. We provide:

  • Fully qualified and experienced teachers covering all key stages and subjects

  • Early Career Teachers looking to make the best start to their teaching career

  • Recent graduates looking to find a career in education, our Future Teachers

  • Experienced Teaching and Learning Assistants with the skills and knowledge to support pupils and deliver catch-up support

  • Tutors to deliver NTP and SLTG funded tuition programmes

  • SEND specialists who can support your pupils in mainstream or within special schools and provisions.

  • Behaviour and wellbeing mentors work to keep pupils in school and learning

Protocol Education can provide all these educators and more on a daily, long-term or permanent basis.

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Managing the Recruitment Process

Step 1 - Promoting Your School and Your Vacancies

Based on your requirements, we will find the best educators available. We will use our extensive database and online recruitment tools suite to target suitable candidates. 

Increasingly, schools look to us to help them to raise their profiles. Our school promotional videos are a perfect solution. 

Step 2 - Managing the Hiring Process

Shortlisting - To support your selection decisions, we will work with you during a shortlisting meeting to answer questions and fill in the gaps about your field of candidates. We can build you an interview schedule in real-time, so you leave the meeting knowing who you will be seeing for your roles, when and where.

Interview Sessions - We can schedule and manage a series of interviews, creating a recruitment event for your school. We will ensure that candidates arrive on time and are well prepared, helping you make the most of the time you spend on recruitment.

​Trials - If you want extra insight, we can arrange in-school trial lessons so you can assess the quality of teaching and support, as well as allow you to see your preferred candidates interacting with your pupils.

Step 3- Offering (and Rejecting), Safeguarding Checks and Onboarding

Your consultant can meet and greet candidates, ensure everything runs on time, provide feedback after the interviews and debrief the panel at the end of the day. We manage the offer and acceptance process, as well as managing the rejection of those who were not successful. Your chosen candidate is checked, vetted, and referenced. Once the right candidate has been found and appointed, we manage all communication as they approach their start date. Providing the information and insight ensures they are ready to hit the ground running from day one.

Delivering a Flexible Workforce

Training Tutors in partnership with Best Practice Network, allowing us to provide School-Led and NTP tuition for your pupils.

Offering specialist CPD courses, including units on Anxiety, as well as managing behaviour and helping to establish focus, means that our candidates will be ready to face the challenges of returning to the classroom.

Registering and clearing thousands of teaching and support staff to offer you the best possible candidates to fill your long-term vacancies.

ECT Pool attracts Early Career Teachers from around the country to fill your relevant vacancies.

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