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Protocol Education is your perfect partner to create tutoring programmes that really work.
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Protocol Education and Tuition

Protocol Education builds tuition programmes that achieve results. We provide in-school, online, and out-of-school tutors to support children in schools across the country. In 2020, as a National Tutoring Programme Tuition Partner, we delivered 346,800 hours of tuition over the last two years.

High-Quality Tutors

Delivering great tuition requires great tutors. We recruit and train tutors with different skills and experiences from across the county to ensure we always have the right match for your pupils.

  • All tutors have access to free tuition training - Visit our Tutor Hub to find out more.

  • All tutors are fully cleared to the highest standards.

  • Our Tuition Managers work with you to help you create tuition programmes and find tutors that are matched precisely to the needs of your pupils.

Data You Can Use

Our reporting provides schools with actionable data insights on student attendance and progress. Feedback systems, including Pupil Voice, identify pupils at risk of disengaging and help tutors adopt strategies to address these issues.

The LEAP portal lets you:

  • ​View attendance reports

  • View current, past and future sessions

  • Assign pupils into groups

  • Add pupils to tuition programmes

  • Check on the progress of pupils and groups

Bespoke Programme Design

Your dedicated tuition manager will build a programme that meets the needs of your pupils. We will consult with you throughout the process and review data and feedback to ensure our tutors meet your requirements.

"The team from Protocol has been polite, friendly, professional, and a joy to work with. Gill has kept in contact and supported the process from the very beginning. She has taken the time to understand the needs of our KS1 children and supported the implementation of a timetable that best fits the children at my school. Sadie, our tutor, has greatly impacted the children's outcomes. They have grown in confidence and made good progress with learning and embedding their phonic knowledge and then applying this within both reading and writing."

Julie Hogan, Head Teacher

Paulton Infant School


Our tutors

We will provide schools with qualified teachers and experienced tutors to deliver our programmes. All of our tutors will have been through the Tutor Toolkit training and have completed Safeguarding training within the last 12 months. The tutors working with your pupils will be handpicked for the role based on the needs of the children.

About the Tutor Toolkit

The Tutor Toolkit is CPD Certified training and free of charge for our registered teachers and learning support staff. It includes six modules (some compulsory for NTP tuition) and will help tutors acquire the strategies and techniques to deliver truly impactful tuition. The course is delivered utilising a range of original infographics, animations and videos used to illustrate important concepts supported by real-life examples.

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