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Apprenticeship-funded Training

The apprenticeship levy is there to fund training of your staff. The contribution is 0.5% of the school’s total salary expenditure, so amounts to a large sum of money for training staff through accredited programmes and providers.

If your school has a wage bill of £3m or above, you are paying into the apprenticeship levy. Contributions started in April 2017. Your school may also pay the levy through your local authority if you are an LA-maintained school.

Schools and MATs can only spend this fund with an approved apprenticeship provider delivering approved training, which can range from entry level up to degree and even masters’ level qualifications. Apprenticeship programmes are available for both new and existing staff members.

Our team that deals with Apprenticeships is called Best Practice Network and the links below will take you to the information and application pages.

Early Years Apprenticeships

Support and promote children’s early education and development.

  • Early Years Practitioner Level 2

  • Early Years Educator Level 3

  • Early Years Lead Practitioner Level 5

  • School Leadership Apprenticeships

    Outstanding leadership development underpinned by cross-sector learning and practice.

  • Executive Leaders Apprenticeship (with NPQEL)

  • Headteacher Apprenticeship with NPQH

  • Senior Leaders Apprenticeship (with NPQSL)

  • Teacher Apprenticeships

    Train to be a teacher with our Primary Initial Teacher Training course.

  • Postgraduate Teacher Apprenticeship

  • Teaching Assistant Apprenticeships

    Providing teaching assistants with expert training to support pupil outcomes and develop in specialist areas.

  • Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship Level 3

  • End Point Assessment

    We offer End-point assessment (EPA) services for the following apprenticeship standard.

  • SBP End-Point Assessment Level 4

  • Policies and Resources

    Apprenticeship Policies