Timesheet Guide

Whether it is electronic or paper timesheets; we'll get you paid quickly, accurately and efficiently

Protocol Education uses both paper and online timesheets depending on the wishes of a particular school. To make sure you get paid promptly you will need to know how both systems work. Here is our quick guide to successfully submitting paper timesheets and online timesheets.

Paper or online?

Which timesheet you use depends on the preference of the school you are booked at. If unsure, speak to your consultant before you leave the school.

How to complete a paper timesheet

Candidate & assignment details

  • Fill in your name

  • Fill in your candidate number. This can be found on your payslip.

  • Write the name of the school/nursery where you are working (one school per timesheet)

  • Write in the school or nursery’s address and postcode

  • Fill in the week for which this timesheet is applicable

Time details

This section is split into two tables: Daily Paid Candidates and Hourly Paid Candidates. ONLY ONE TABLE SHOULD BE COMPLETED FOR EACH ASSIGNMENT. If you are unsure whether you are daily or hourly paid, please contact your consultant.

  • If you are a Daily Paid Candidate please tick whether you have worked AM and/or PM for each day of the assignment.

  • Fill in the Total Days Payable

  • Hourly Paid Candidates should complete the corresponding table filling in your start and finish time along with the total payable hours for each day of the assignment.

  • Breaks are not payable, so make sure you subtract them from your payable hours.

  • Fill in the Total Hours Payable

Approval requirements

Both you and the school/nursery contact need to sign and date your timesheet before it is returned

How to complete an online timesheet

Online timesheets are accessed through your Protocol Education Candidate Lounge account. Like paper timesheets they cover a maximum of one week, and need to be approved by both you and the school/nursery involved. You will be informed if the school uses online timesheets when you are offered a booking. We cannot process paper timesheets for work at a school using the online system.

You will receive a notification email when a new timesheet has been created for you. Timesheets are usually created at 3pm on the day of the week your booking finishes*. You should then log in, make sure the timesheet details are correct, and submit it for approval by the school.

The school then checks that the timesheet you submitted matches their records. Once they approve it, the timesheet can be processed by our payroll department. If the timesheet needs to be amended it can be ‘queried’ by either you or the school, which returns the timesheet to Protocol Education for review.

*The exception is a multiple-day booking that finishes on a Friday, such as a long-term supply position; here, the timesheet will be generated the day before the booking finishes – i.e. on the Thursday.

  1. Log into your Candidate Lounge account. A link on your notification email will take you to the login page (or visit our website and click the

  2. ‘Log In’ button on the home page).

  3. Once logged in, select ‘Submit Your Online Timesheets’ from your Candidate Lounge account menu.

  4. The Online Timesheet Home gives you a brief total of all your active timesheets. Click on the ‘Ready To Submit’ section, or on the large blue arrow on the left, to see a list of new timesheets waiting to be submitted.

  5. The Online Timesheet List shows a summary of your online timesheets. You must check each new timesheet before

    submitting, so click ‘view’ next to a timesheet marked as ‘Ready To Submit’ to see it in detail.

  6. Check that the details listed reflect the work you completed. If correct, click ‘Confirm Days’ and go to the next step. If incorrect, choose

  7. ‘Query Timesheet’ and clearly describe the changes required. We will then review the booking and create a revised timesheet for you.

  8. Once you have clicked to confirm the days, press ‘Submit Timesheet’ to send this timesheet through to the school for approval. You can now return to the list view to check and submit other pending timesheets.

Got a question? Get in touch.

For a question about or an issue with a particular booking it is always best to contact your local branch directly.

For general questions feel free to ask them here and we will get back to you as soon as we can.