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All types of jobs for all types of people looking to work in Early Years

Jobs in Nurseries and Children’s Centres

​A vast range of opportunities is waiting for people looking to work in the early years. Starting a childcare role is the chance to support children as they learn, develop and prepare for school. It’s a job you can turn into a career that makes a difference in your local community.

A range of Nursery jobs

We offer excellent daily supply and long-term roles for Nursery Workers and the opportunity to transition into permanent employment. Our daily supply roles provide flexibility and the chance to make a difference in your local community. Our long-term roles offer the opportunity to build a career in the Early Years sector and are often the first step toward permanent employment.

Locations & centres

We also work with nurseries, children’s centres, play schemes, holiday clubs and crèches to provide permanent roles to Nursery Workers who are committed to making a difference in children’s lives.

Daily Supply and Short-Term Work

Our nursery and early years clients rely on us to find emergency and short-term cover when there is illness or unavoidable absence. They need people who can jump in and make a difference at short notice to minimise disruption. So, if you are flexible and adaptable, short-term supply is definitely for you!

Daily supply work is an excellent option if you want flexibility or need to combine work with other responsibilities, study or outside interests. Ideally, we want people who are typically available at least three days a week, but you can manage your availability and take the work that suits your lifestyle.

Apply to Nursery and Early years jobs

• Nursery nurse jobs

• Early years teaching jobs

• Nursery support roles

• Nursery teacher jobs

Essential Skills to Succeed at Daily Supply

To be a success at daily supply you need:

  • Organisation

  • Flexibility

  • Good behaviour management skills

  • Good listening skills

Long-term Jobs

There is a massive demand for nursery nurses and other early years staff to take on long-term roles. While still temporary in nature (i.e. paid through weekly timesheets), long-term supply involves many of the same responsibilities you would have as a permanent member of staff. Long-term roles can quickly turn into permanent jobs, so if you want to enhance your career, a long-term position is definitely for you.

Jobs in Nursery


Who We Recruit

  • Nursery Nurses

  • Nursery Assistants

  • Nursery Practitioners

  • Playworkers

  • Nursery Managers, Deputy Managers & 3rd-in-Charge

  • Room Leaders

  • SENCOs and Nursery SEND staff

Our Clients

Protocol Education can help you find work in the full range of Early Years establishments:

  • Nurseries

  • Children's Centres

  • Play Schemes

  • Holiday Clubs

  • Creches

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