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Pupil Mentors

Supporting pupils at risk of exclusion

Supporting pupils at risk of exclusion with Pupil Mentors can be a proactive and effective strategy to address behavioural and academic challenges. Pupil Mentors are crucial in providing additional guidance, support, and encouragement to help students navigate difficulties. The mentors can provide support within the school setting, at home or online. 

How can an Pupil Mentor make a difference in your School?

Building Positive Relationships 

Pupil Mentors can establish positive and trusting relationships with at-risk students. This connection can create a safe space for students to share their concerns and challenges.

Individualised Support

Pupil Mentors can work closely with each student to understand their unique needs and challenges. Tailoring support to individual circumstances helps address specific issues that may contribute to behavioural problems

Academic Assistance 

Provide academic support to help students catch up on missed work, improve study skills, and enhance their understanding of subject matter. Addressing academic struggles can contribute to a more positive school experience

Behavioural Intervention

Pupil Mentors can collaborate with teachers and school counsellors to develop strategies for addressing challenging behaviours. Implementing positive behaviour interventions and providing guidance on conflict resolution can contribute to a more positive school environment


Maintain open lines of communication with teachers, and other school staff. Collaborate to share insights, discuss progress, and coordinate efforts to support the student both academically and behaviourally

Goal Setting and Monitoring

With our bespoke tuition platform (LEAP), we will assess pupils needs to help deliver the correct programme, which will be monitored throughout the duration. This will foster a sense of accomplishment and motivation

Life Skills Development

Pupil mentors can support essential life skills, such as organisation, problem solving, financial awareness and employability skills which are crucial for academic success and can contribute to improved behaviour

Our Tutors

Our Pupil Mentors bring valuable experience to address diverse academic and behavioural challenges. These professionals undergo continuous training through our accredited CPD program, ensuring they stay updated on the latest educational approaches.


Whether you use your SEN funding, pupil premium or NTP funding, we can tailor a package to suit your requirements best. Please learn more about our experienced Pupil Mentors and how a tailored programme can support your pupils.

Hear from Satisfied Schools

Radcliffe on Trent Junior School: "Tutors provided have been great and the children have made excellent progress. It has been great to work with Protocol Education. Nothing is too much trouble which really helps with our workload."

Gleadless Primary School: "Our tutor is fantastic - he feels like part of the team and is willing to work in any way he can to help our pupils to progress. He has been amazing at working with our high needs pupils with EHCPs."

Lordship Lane: "The tutors from Protocol Education are committed to raising standards in learning for the children. They inform the teachers of the progress and general well-being of the pupil, and all of this makes a holistic approach towards the attainment of each child."

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