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Supply Expectations

Looking for daily supply work? We will keep you busy.

Find out more here about the expectations for daily supply staff.

When a staff member is absent, schools give us the necessary cover so classes can go ahead with minimum disruption to their pupils.

There are many advantages to daily supply work, including the chance to work in several different schools or nurseries and take on work that fits in with your lifestyle. More than anything else, daily supply work is all about flexibility.

About daily supply

As a daily supply worker, we expect you to:

  • Stay in regular contact with Protocol Education consultants about your availability for work

  • Do everything you can to ensure pupils’ regular progress is not disrupted

  • Complete and return timesheets for your work

What will we do for you?

  • Offer you work with as much notice as possible and as locally as possible.

  • Provide honest information about the school, comprehensive directions, and (if known) details of the role you will cover.

  • Provide regular feedback from schools.

Accepting a booking

We always try to give you the maximum possible notice before booking. When accepting a booking, you should ensure you know the following:

  • The school name and address

  • How long it will take you to get there

  • The name of the designated contact

  • Whether or not you require a timesheet to be signed (many schools now sign off on bookings via our online system)

  • The length of the assignment

  • The subjects you will be teaching and/or the year group

Only accept bookings you know you can realistically complete.


Once you have accepted a booking, we expect you to make all reasonable efforts to stand by your commitment.

  • If you cannot attend a booking due to sickness, you must CALL the consultant who gave you the booking at 7:00am. Do not use text or email.

  • Similarly, if you are running late, please inform your consultant as soon as possible

Please be aware that late arrival may lead to a reduction of your pay rate for the day.

Dress code

Unless otherwise advised when given a booking, teachers are expected to be dressed appropriately in smart/casual attire at all times. Jeans or running shoes should not be worn at any time.

Support, special needs and nursery workers will be advised of the dress code by the consultant offering you the booking.

At the Start of the Day

Please arrive at the school no later than 8:15 a.m. You may be expected to stay until at least 4:00 p.m. unless advised otherwise by school staff. You will have been given the name of a school contact.

On arrival, please report to this person, and they should provide you with the following:

  • Your timetable for the day

  • Access to the behaviour policy

  • Details of any work that has been left

  • Information regarding any specific SEN requirements within your class(es)

  • Information regarding available resources

What to take with you

  • Your DBS check is very important, and you may be turned away without it!

  • Photo ID such as your passport or driving licence

  • Protocol Education timesheet (if required) and handover sheet

  • Selection of board pens, pens and pencils as backup in case these are in short supply

  • Pre-prepared work as a backup in case none is set for you

During the Day

  • Turn off your mobile phone

For teachers in particular:

  • Follow lesson plans where they are set

  • Communicate with and show respect for the support assistants – find out their responsibilities and discuss how to work together

  • Mark work where appropriate

At the End of the Day

Ensure all pupils under your care leave safely at the end of the day – this is especially important with younger children who must not be left unattended or leave with an unidentified adult.

  • Check the school’s end-of-day expectations and finish time beforehand

  • Leave the classroom as you found it

  • Leave a handover note for the class teacher

  • Have a timesheet with you to complete and get it signed by a contact at the school before you leave (unless the school is linked to our online timesheet system).

  • Find out if you are required back the following day

  • Feedback to your Protocol Education consultant

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